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Burro’s Tail

burro's tail - succulent

Jade Plant

Jade plant - succulents

Paddle Plant

Succulents make your home a happier place…

These juicy little plants with fleshy leaves are designed to withstand tough conditions – specifically droughts. Perfect for people who forget to water their houseplants! With tons of succulent species to choose from, in shades of green, yellow, pink, orange, purple and more, once you start collecting succulents you’ll soon become addicted to these cuties.

Succulent Addiction. It’s a thing.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

“Hey, I’m Jessica from London and I’m a succulent addict. It started with just 3 succulents to pop on my window sill… now it’s escalated to about 30 of them on literally every shelf in my entire flat. I can’t stop collecting them – they’re just too cute!”

“Hello I’m John from Manchester, and I’m a succulent addict. We thought about having babies. Then we thought about getting a puppy. But both those options seemed too much effort, so we got succulents instead. Now I can’t stop buying them. Help!”

Not ready for babies?

No time to walk a dog?

Get succulents.

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Lots of varieties

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Lots of varieties