5 x 13cm Cactus Decorative Small Plant Pots for Indoor Outdoor Patio Modern Garden


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5 x 13cm Cactus Decorative Small Plant Pots for Indoor Outdoor Patio Modern Garden

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Product Description

large pot large pot

Drainage holesDrainage holes

5 Colors of Pots5 Colors of Pots

5 Colors of Planters5 Colors of Planters

Drainage Holes

The plastic pots have 6 holes initially covered but easily removable to use the pots outdoors and that are capable of draining the excess water.

5 Different Measures

The pack of 2 indoor and outdoor pots are available in 5 different sizes:

30 cm25 cm21 cm18 cm15 cm

ActivoTex decorative pots can set your house in 5 different colors:

BlackWhiteBrown – TopoGreenBlue




Health Gardening Benefits Gardening can make you happier May favor relationships in the community Gardening can relieve stress Spending time outdoors is good for bones Growing your own food can help you eat healthier Can lower your blood pressure Gardening burns many calories

GARDENING Growing fashion gardening

Gardening is an activity that has been present in our society for years but for a few years has been growing the love for growing and care of plants both indoors and outdoors

Drain Holes

Large Pots

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Modern Style

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Outdoor Plant Pots / Indoor Decorative Flower Pots – Small outdoor pots with modern design so that they can also be used indoors.
Plastic flower pots: our flower boxes for indoor and outdoor use are made from a lightweight and weather-resistant material. They are the ideal planters for patios and balconies.
Decorative pot – The small pots have a modern design and can also be used as an inner pot with natural and artificial plants.
Various sizes and colours – small planters, small flower pots, balcony boxes, large plastic pots in different colours for outdoor and indoor decoration. Versatile plant pots.
Pack of 5 small plant pots. Size 13 cm and diameter 15 cm for decorating the whole house, suitable for cacti and small plants.