Home Garden Ornaments Black Plant Pots Indoor Set of 5 Sizes 9.5/12/14/16/18cm – Plant Pot with Mat Sufrace – Plastic Flower Pots Outside – Plastic Plant Pot Saucers (Black)

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Home Garden Ornaments Black Plant Pots Indoor Set of 5 Sizes 9.5/12/14/16/18cm – Plant Pot with Mat Sufrace – Plastic Flower Pots Outside – Plastic Plant Pot Saucers (Black)

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Product Description

Plant potsPlant pots


Universal Set of 5 Flower Pots in One Package!

This is set of five plant pots with saucers in one package to fit your needs – 9.5/12/14/16/18cm diameter! Having a collection of several pots you can freely change the inserts with casings and create virtually unlimited possibilities of combinations. You will only be limited by your imagination. You can create beautiful flower arrangements!

Plant potsPlant pots

plant potsplant pots

plant potsplant pots

plant potsplant pots

High Quality Material

Perfect decorative plant pots for months and years thanks high-quality material. It’s durable and reliable plastic made with passion and love to plants. Best choice for plant lovers. Plastic Material Plant Pots made in EU. Choose the perfect size and colour for you!

Original Design

Our flower pots with saucers come in a round shape with mat surface and live colours will perfectly diversify and distinguish the decor of your room, office or garden. Design is based on the latest trends among interior designers.

For Occassions

Perfect for various occasions like weddings, birthsdays, Christmas. Elegant plant pot design with mat finish will make a bit of Christmas chic in your home. Aesthetics and delicacy with a bit of Christmas touch will turn heads of visiting guests.

Unique Atmosphere

Perfect decorative for months and years to make familar, warm atmosphere in your house, garden, kitchen, patio, office, balcony..These plant pots will certainly fit into the office as well. These plant pots are also great gift for plant lovers!



Well-made plant pots are durable and sturdy tools that will serve you for many years. Therefore, it’s worth paying attention to the quality of the materials used.

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Pots for Each Plant!

Do you want to start your adventure with planting plants?

You don’t know which plant pot to choose?

Don’t worry, our plant pots are suitable for many types of plants. Perfect for all types of plants including bonsai trees, succulents, cactus, roses, chives, coriander, dill, dracaena, echeveria, fennel, fig-tree, geranium, gerbera, hyacinth, ivy, lavenda, mint, narcissus, orchid, pansy, parsley, poinsettia, polypody, primrose, rosemary, sage, spathiphyllum, tarragor, violet.

Choose our pots and you will surely be delighted with how your plant grows.

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Customize to Your Needs

Our plant pots contain many colors and sizes, which will allow you to choose which color will suit your home and which size will suit your plant.

You no longer have to worry about cheap plant pots that you throw away after a few months. Our pots are made of very high quality plastic, which allows them to be a good gift for selected occasions.


About us

Home Garden Ornaments wholesales, supplies, sells and delivers flower pots for clients all across the UK. We offer indoor garden planters, outdoor flower pots, plant boxes, flower baskets that are suitable for your home, your office, your balcony or your garden. We create our pots with love and passion to help you create a unique decor for your interior or garden.

🌼 Plastic plant pot high-quality, durable, with decorative plastic mat surface. Material is excellent alternative to easily breakable ceramics pots for plants or terracotta plant pots.
🌼 Five Plant pots plastic in one package with different sizes (9.5/12/14/16/18cm) with plant saucer to fit your needs. You can match flower pot with trays to any room, balcony, garden. Package perfect for gift for plant lovers.
🌼 Flower Pot for all types of plants. Good as seed pots, as herb plant pots and also as cactus pot, orchid pots, succulent plant pot, and many other plants. These pots are perfect as flower pots indoor where they help you create a unique atmosphere in your home and also as plant pots outdoor.
🌼 Plant pot trays will add a little elegance to your surrounding. Perfect as pots for house plants, balcony pots for plants, garden pots and planters. Fits into modern and traditional interiors.
🌼 Our plastic flower pots have no drainage holes so they can also be used as a cover and also as a proper plant pot after drilling the holes in the place which is factory marked for this purpose.