Muzhira Self Watering Plant Pot, 3pcs 10.5cm Plastic Plant Pot/Flower Pots with Cotton Rope and Large Water Storage, for Indoor Outdoor Plants – Grey


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Muzhira Self Watering Plant Pot, 3pcs 10.5cm Plastic Plant Pot/Flower Pots with Cotton Rope and Large Water Storage, for Indoor Outdoor Plants – Grey

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Are you too busy with work or studying or always/sometimes forget to water your plants?
Our self-watering planter pot can perfectly solve your trouble for you.
– Transparent flowerpot design, providing easy to observe the water storage.
– Double-layer design, the transparent flowerpot below has a large water storage capacity.
– There is a concave design at the bottom of the upper flowerpot for injecting water. So you don’t have to disassemble the pot to add water.
– The absorbent cotton cord absorbs water automatically. 1 or 2 ends of the cotton rope can be placed in the water according to the needs of different plants, which solves the problem of overwatering.
Product information:
Quantity: 3 PCS
Size: 10.5cm
Color: Grey
How to use our self-watering flower pot? Each pot comes with cotton string.
Pass the cotton string through the small hole at the bottom of the flower pot, and put both ends of the cotton string into the storage tank.
You can choose to put the end of the cotton rope in the water or put both ends in the water according to the different needs of different plants for water.
Place your plants in pots and cover the plants with soil.
Put the flower pot on top of the transparent storage tank.
Pour water into storage tank, but do not exceed the maximum water line.
Questions and Answer:
Q: Why are there so many porous at the bottom of the flower pot:
A: The rhizomes of plants need to breathe, and enough holes can keep the roots of plants breathing freely, so as to grow better

Q: Can I fill up the water reservoir?
A: No, if you fill up with water, the roots of the plants will not be able to breathe through the small holes at the bottom of flowerpot, which will easily cause the roots of the plants to rot.
Size and Quantity: Quantity of plant pot: 3pcs. Diameter size of plant pot: 10.5cm. Cotton rope:3pcs
See Through Design: Our self-watering plant pot has transparent design material making it easy to see the water level in your plant pot. With this convenient design you will always know how much water is left in the flower pot or whether you need to add water.
Self-Watering System: This planter pot has a cotton rope that takes the water from the reservoir up to the inner basin where the plants are. There is also small opening on the outside of the flower pot for refilling water. The bottom of the inner basin is designed with venting holes to allow the roots breathe freely. When you travel, you no longer have to worry about your plants wellbeing. Super time-saving for your gardening work.
High-Quality Material: This self-watering flower pot is made from top-quality PP material, making it extremely tough and resistant to hot and cold temperatures; definitely an ideal habitat to grow your plants in. Note: Water should not exceed the bottom of the inner pot, otherwise, it can cause the roots to rot.
In/Outdoor Application: You can place our plant pot on your windowsill, bedroom, kitchen, living room or your garden. With your favorite plant, it can make your house warm and cozy. It is also a perfect gift choice for those garden lovers.