ORTEN Plant Pot Indoor Plastic Flower Pots with Saucer All House Plants, Herbs, Cactus, Orchid, Succulents Set of 3 (Ø 12cm (4.72 in), Red)


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ORTEN Plant Pot Indoor Plastic Flower Pots with Saucer All House Plants, Herbs, Cactus, Orchid, Succulents Set of 3 (Ø 12cm (4.72 in), Red)

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plant pot flower pot indoor outdoor small large potsplant pot flower pot indoor outdoor small large pots

orten logo plant pots indoororten logo plant pots indoor

ORTEN – the best selection of high-quality and stylish plant pots to help you create the perfect home for your plants.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, we have the perfect pot for you. Our goal is to help you bring nature into your home in the most beautiful way possible.

From modern and sleek designs to rustic and earthy textures – you will find it all.

Thank you for choosing us as your plant pot provider.

ORTEN – For Green Fingers

plastic plant pots family together son childrenplastic plant pots family together son children

Living nature childhood

Education in harmony with nature, the ability to interact with nature throughout life, and, irreplaceable time spent together.

What makes our products unique?

A combination of functionality, durability, and unique designs – this is what our plant pots offer.

Are your plant pots sturdy and durable?

All our plastic pots are manufactured in the European Union, which means high standards of workmanship combined with safe materials used for production. Our pots are of good quality and built to last, so you can be sure that they are sturdy and durable.

Why do you sell your products in sets?

We are introducing the best possible offer. Selling pots in sets allows reduced consumption of packaging materials.

Are the pots suitable for growing aloe vera and orchid?

Depending on their size, you can certainly grow both aloe vera and orchids in this pot.

Do your plant pots have a lightweight design?

We offer lightweight options for easy handling and portability. Ideal for people who like to move their plants frequently or those with limited physical mobility.

Are your flower and plant pots versatile?

They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, making them suitable for different types and sizes of plants. They can also be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the plant’s needs.

ORTEN – For Green Fingers

ORTEN – For Green Fingers

ORTEN – For Green Fingers

ORTEN – For Green Fingers

ORTEN – For Green Fingers

SET of 3 COLOURED PLASTIC PLANT POTS – Enjoy amazing value from this flower pot. These indoor & outdoor plants pots are the best choice to build your own garden, grow your favourite plants and flowers like orchids, herbs, cactus, peace lily, snake plant, succulents and more.
MODERN COMPACT DESIGN – With full glossy surface and diamond pattern, these indoor plant pots bring out a minimalist modern style which make them perfect for home and office. Moreover, the inside of the planter is smooth and glossy for easy cleaning, you can replace the plants that best match your house decor and best coordinate your mood.
CREATED FOR LONG-LASTING – Compared to common flimsy plastic pots for plants, ORTEN indoor plant pot are made of sturdy and superlight polypropylene, hard to broken, non-toxic and odourless. They will withstand breakages, damages and drops. It makes the plant rotation process much easier and works great around kids or lively animals. Note: Plants and props are not included in this set!
GREAT GIFT FOR PLANT LOVERS – Giving a flower pot or indoor pots for plants as a gift will warm up the hearts of your flower loving friends or family! Surprise them and gift them this simple planter pot in which you can plant their favourite greenery. And they will love these cute pots!
DIMENSIONS – Each of these plant pots has following dimensions: Ø 18cm (7.08 in) and 17cm (6.69 in) height. No drainage wholes – but they can be easily drilled if needed.