Stickerboy Set of 5 Decorative Artificial Plants in Pots Small Plastic Fake Plants Potted Faux Plants for Home Office Desk Bedroom Living Room House Decorations


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Stickerboy Set of 5 Decorative Artificial Plants in Pots Small Plastic Fake Plants Potted Faux Plants for Home Office Desk Bedroom Living Room House Decorations

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Product Description

Artificial Plants in Pots Artificial Plants in Pots


– Small & Lightweight fake plants decor for easy styling.

– Enhance the warmth and vitality of your home or office.

– Enjoy the natural beauty of the plants without dirtying your hands.

– They also make a great gift for housewarming parties, weddings and holidays.

– Perfect for those who don’t have time or knock of taking care of real houseplants.

– The fake plants indoor require no sunlight. Only occasionally wipe the leaves of the plants artificial with a damp cloth to remove dust.

– Theses small fake plants for home decor are a fantastic way to add more attraction to your home without all the effort and hassle of taking care of live house plants.

– Duckweed grass leaves are covered with a layer of off-white powder that mimics the true state of plant in nature. The amount of powder can be adjusted at will. Simply wipe gently with a damp cloth or brush.

Artificial Potted PlantArtificial Potted Plant

Package includes:

1 x Duckweed Grass Potted Plant

1 x Eucalyptus Potted Plant

3 x Succulents (Guanyin Lotus / Buddha Fingers / Sword Leaf)

Artificial Potted PlantsArtificial Potted Plants


– Artificial plants with pots made of pulp and without drainage hole, for indoor use only, please do not put them in water or expose them to the sun.

– Due to the uncertainty of shipping, it is likely that the pot would have cracks. If you receive damaged product, we can replace it with a new one for you.

– The branches and leaves are removable and installable, if there are fallen leaves, you can reinstall the leaves.

– Due to packaging and shipping reasons, after receiving the package, you can gently nudge the plants’ leaves to make them fluffy and full.

High quality material: Each faux plant is made of plastic and set in a sturdy paper pulp pot that has simulated foam soil. Since these plant pots are made of paper pulp, please better keep them far away from water to prevent dissolution.
Simulation technology: Manufactured with high-tech process, such as flocking, our plastic plant decoration replicates the natural look of real indoor plants. The plant pot of these fake small greenery is made from degradable pulp that have a beautiful, rustic look of stone.
Low maintenance: The lifelike artificial plants can easily add a pop of color to any room by placing these mini faux plants wherever you like. With no maintenance, trimming, or watering, small plastic fake plants indoor with pot remain fresh year round.
Beautiful decoration: This set of 5 decorative artificial plants vary in size and style. The compact design of our artificial plants in pots will add bright colors to your home, office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, closet, fireplace, balcony, etc.
Wide application: You can display these lovely small fake plants on tabletop, office desk, coffee table, shelf, window sill, toilet tank, counter top, nightstand, cabinets, bookcase or any other little corner that needs greenery decor.