The Garden Gecko Invisible Pot feet for outdoor plant pots and flowers solid agglomerated cork, large-grain pot risers | 24 PACK | Cork

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The Garden Gecko Invisible Pot feet for outdoor plant pots and flowers solid agglomerated cork, large-grain pot risers | 24 PACK | Cork

Price: £15.49 - £14.99
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The Garden Gecko invisible pot feet, Cork Edition, will discreetly lift your pots and garden flowers above surfaces, helping to avoid dirty stains, watermarks, and bug attraction, whilst allowing efficient drainage for your plants and flowers. An Ideal alternative to ceramic feet and plastic planters, they will sit firm and discreetly, hiding away from sight but offering all the features and benefits of regular pot caddies and stands.

Why The Garden Gecko?

Made from a sustainable, lightweight cork grain material that adopts a tested hardness and lasting life
We craft from a high-quality, robust large cork grain, compounded and moulded into an optimally sized pot foot. Cork is a highly lightweight and environmentally friendly material with non-marking effects on floor surfaces

Corkwood is weather-resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures
Corkwood is well-known for its excellent weathering resistance and sustainable properties. The product is ideal for all-season weather conditions and all-year temperatures. These pot feet are made to last.

Our feet are a generous size of 4.5cm diameter / 1.5cm depth.
The corkwood pot feet size and significant weight hold of up to 100kg are one of the most talked-about strengths of our range, and our product’s specs speak for themselves.

CORK POT FEET EDITION – Featuring all the classic features from The Garden Gecko pot feet. Our exceptional Agglomerated Cork pack features a high-quality, large-grain cork blend.
A HEAVYWEIGHT HOLD & SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL – Remaining faithful to our same super-strong specs – these corkwood pot feet are built to last! The corkwood offers excellent sustainable attributes, absorbing extreme weather conditions and remaining an environmentally friendly material.
EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT- Composed from a lightweight corkwood compound, the feet are incredibly light yet possess a superior strength and weight hold of up to 100kg!
A GARDEN GECKO CREATION – Adopting the reputable, reliable brand characteristics of The Garden Gecko pot foot range, you can feel assured that you are in good hands with this edition of 24 corkwood pot foot pieces.
PACKED WITH VALUE! – Composed from a robust and high-quality agglomerated cork wood blend, combining a sturdy natural hold and 24 pot feet per pack! – Happy Gardening!
CORK AGGLOMERATION PROCESS – The cork approach involves agglomerating natural cork bark by grinding it into small granules and then reassembling them using adhesive to form a mold. The resulting eco-friendly material is lightweight but sturdy, able to absorb water and withstand harsh weather conditions.